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Our Kiln Dried Lumber

Controlled Environment

Our Kiln dried lumber is lumber is been dried in giant kilns, with carefully controlled temperature and humidity levels.

Drying the lumber in a controlled environment is important, as it allows the lumber to dry quickly and evenly so it contracts without warping, which could render it unusable.



What is Kiln Drying?

Kiln dried lumber is lumber which has been dried in kilns so that it has a very low moisture content.

When the drying process is complete, the lumber usually has a moisture content of between six and eight percent, making it significantly dryer than "Green" Lumber * or air dried lumber.


Air Dried Lumber

The alternative to kiln drying is air drying, in which lumber is allowed to sit in a breezy area so that it loses moisture and contracts. Air drying tends to take longer, and it brings the moisture content closer to 15% than the desired six to eight percent.


For some applications, kiln dried lumber can be used just as it is. In other instances, it may be necessary for the lumber to acclimate for one to two weeks, and the lumber may pick up some additional moisture during this time. Acclimation is important for crafts like cabinet-making, as changes in moisture content can cause problems with joints and moving parts, as the wood will swell or contract when moisture levels change. Fine woodworkers often allow lumber to acclimate in a corner of a climate-controlled shop for several weeks before they use it.

* "Green" Lumber is lumber which has not been dried or treated and is very moist, and if it is used as-is, it tends to warp as it dries and contracts.