Wm. H. Polley Woodworking & Lumber is a small family owned hardwood lumber business located in the foothills of the Pocono Mountains serving customers throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and up through New England. Its founder "Bill" Polley, created the company with the goal of providing quality hardwood lumber at a reasonable price.

"I've been sawing and working with wood for over 35 years. To insure the best quality possible for my own woodworking projects, I have always sawed and dried the lumber myself. My extensive experience in woodworking has helped me to better understand the needs of the woodworker in obtaining the type of lumber desired for his or her special project."

"Over the past five years, I have curtailed my woodworking projects in order to supply my fellow woodworkers and small shop owners with quality lumber at a reasonable price. I still saw all the lumber myself, over 60 million board feet in the last 35 years, either on my own bandsaw sawmill or on a circular mill that I manage."

We start with select and prime grade saw logs obtained locally, as this area has some of the best hardwood timber available. Lumber is grade sawn, put on sticks immediately, air dried under cover to plus or minus 20 percent moisture content(mc), and then it is restacked in the kiln and dried to 6 to 8 percent mc. The lumber is usually sold in the rough, or when required, we can custom plane and or straight-line rip to customer specifications. We also custom saw and dry lumber for customers who provide their own logs.

Contact us with details of your woodworking project and let us fill your needs with our friendly personalized service. We not only supply wood 'We share our knowledge."

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